Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yang Utamanya Kenapa Jusuf Dijadikan Orang Tengah?

Yang Utamanya Kenapa Jusuf Dijadikan Orang Tengah?

Sebelum ni memang saya tak pedulikan sangat isu ini kerana dalam politik apa-apa pun boleh jadi

Tapi yang saya terperasannya ada perkara yang tak kena bila Jusuf sebagai orang luar boleh menghebahkan di akhbar yang PR mendapat dana luar untuk menganjuran 'Blackout 505'

Apakah tujuan Jusuf dan apakah agendanya?

Adakah ianya benar atau semata-mata bohong untuk mencalarkan kredibiliti Anwar dan mencemarkan PR?
Tapi kenapa?

Jusuf must apologise to Anwar
Athi Shankar | June 29, 2013

DAP chairman Karpal Singh has slammed an ex-Indonesian leader for revealing details of a private meeting between Anwar Ibrahim and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak
GEORGE TOWN: Karpal Singh wants former Indonesia vice-president Jusuf Kalla to publicly express regret and apologise to Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for an alleged breach of confidentiality. 

Karpal slammed Jusuf Kalla for publicly revealing details of a private meeting between him, Anwar and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak held in Jakarta in March this year.

He said Jusuf Kalla should not have revealed confidential details to the press on what transpired during the meeting, ad ding that it did not speak well of the former vice-president. 

He expressed regret that a person of such high public position like Jusuf had such low dignity to accuse Anwar of receiving foreign aid.

“What was discussed ought to have remained confidential. Jusuf Kalla obviously has his own agenda. It’s obvious that Anwar should not have trusted him.

“Jusuf Kalla should express regret for his statement and apologise to Anwar,” insisted Karpal, the DAP national chairman. 

He acknowledged that Jusuf’s revelations that Anwar had received foreign funds for the “Blackout 505” rallies would affect public confidence in Pakatan Rakyat. 

Jusuf Kalla had reportedly st ated that Anwar received funds from a giant company in Philippines, Turkey, USA, Thailand and China. 

Jusuf also ridiculed Anwar’s hopeless aspiration to become the country’s Prime Minister despite Pakatan Rakyat only having 89 parliamentary seats against Barisan Nasional’s 133. 

He accused Anwar of breaching a gentleman agreement to accept the 13th General Election results by making all sorts of electoral fraud claims. 

Foreign funding 

Jusuf had reportedly said that Anwar’s 505 rallies would only benefit enemies of Malays and Islam.

“I had asked Anwar if he can control the DAP and he kept quiet. “It’s clear that Anwar had problems controlling MPs from other parties,” Jusuf was quoted as saying. 

Karpal rebuked Jusuf Kalla for issuing statements with racial innuendoes by publicly claiming that the 505 rallies only benefited enemies of Islam and Malays.

He said Jusuf’s revelation would tarnish Anwar’s image and subsequently undermine Pakatan’s credibility.
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“It can hurt Pakatan Rakyat,” Karpal told a press conference in his Bukit Gelugor parliamentary constituency here today. 

He said the DAP had accepted Anwar as undisputed leader to lead Pakatan to victory in the next general election 

He said one cann ot deny Anwar’s popularity among Malaysia masses based on Pakatan’s 51% popular votes gained during the recent polls. 

Quoting Jusuf, Karpal said Anwar would have won if the GE13 was like the Indonesian direct presidential election, which was based on popular votes. But, he said under Malaysian’s first-pass-the-pole system, the party that won the most number of legislature seats would earn the right to form the government. 

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